Wednesday, September 30, 2009

shoe talk


image: jak & jil

leopard in a cage

this girl can do no wrong. I mean honestly...


images : 4th and Bleeker

just a pretty face...

I am the furthest thing from a Megan Fox fan...the whole quasi-skank/white-trash thing doesn't do much for me. But, she looks really cute on the cover of Nylon this month (thank god for stylists, right?)

There's a NylonTV vid of Megan from the shoot that I spared you all from -- the girl doesn't exactly have a way with words. She muses about hitting up the local Koo Koo Roo for grubz among other things. And well frankly, I'd prefer if she just didn't really talk ...sorry?!


What do you think? Sexy or skanky? Or a bit of both...

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Opening Ceremony for Where the Wild Things Are

Woah....WOAHHHHH. Very excited for this collabo of fashion and film here --

Opening Ceremony (along with Urban Outfitters) is creating a line inspired by Spine Jonze's Where the Wild Things Are (Oct. 16, 2009).
The clothes are one part ridiculous and one part fantastical. But if you've seen the trailer, than maybe you -- like myself -- are completly captivated and nostalgic for a time where everything was ... a little more exrta-ordinatary.

The Arcade Fire track in the trailer really works wonders here...

Opening Ceremony for Where the Wild Things Are

images courtesy of knightcat


The Satorialist takes masterful photos no doubt. Checkout the freshest fare from the streets of Milan Fashion Week:


These outfits are beyond exquisite...I like the guy looks especially.

today I'm nostalgic for... ads with impact

Remember how rad the Chloe S/S 2007 ad campaign featuring Anja Rubik and Raquel Zimmerman was? Like every girl was wishing she could be at this hangout...


Picture 1_1.preview

Friday, September 25, 2009

Front Row at LFW

places, faces, you know the drill...


smart, witty, anddd talented?

this makes me love him more...


party all the time

loving these party pics of Alexander Wang (he is so hot right now : P) and his model posse (Natasha Poly, here)

AW seems to be at the peak of his popularity right now -- and that's not to say he is on his descent. AW is in it for the longhaul, thank the lordddd.


images courtesy of iknowwhatyouworelastseason

Thursday, September 24, 2009


love this pic -- SO ladylike.

No, but kind of lady.


image courtesy taylorwarren


After watching the season premiere of Gossip Girl with Alexandra Richards (her 10 second cameo, i mean lol), she has slightly become my new subject of interest (an alternative way of saying "girl crush," I suppose).

Found these oldies (but goodies) photos in Vogue China from 2008.

vogue china
theordora richards


I spent the better half of yesterday perusing Tavi's blog with my fellow workmaktes and reveling in the sheer brilliance of this thirteen-year-old girl from Oakpark, Chicago.
You really have to experience it to believe it. So check her out. I mean, she just got back from NYFW where she sat front row fraternizing with NY's fashion elite. Not bad, not bad at all.


I mean, really...

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

For me.

As cliche as it is, I oft look to the Olsens for casual/cool outfit inspiration. Here are the latest looks I clipped to inspire me whilst I roam aimlessly in the closet...


Images courtesy of OlsensAnonymous

hello hair

I hate hair funks! I think I'm in one right now and am desperately seeking some quirky new styles to re-create. Models on the runway at NY Fashion Week sported an array of new hair trends that I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot of the next several months.

My goal is to don the Alexander Wang side plait like an aficionado (fingers crossed XX)...


I spy...

an enticing new trend!

Pastels and Black

Hanneli and friend gallavanting around NYC

Image courtesy of Jak & Jil Blog

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

beachy waves/black dress

beachy waves on the red carpet? well done, Daria, well done.


image courtesy of lefashion

front row at Twenty8Twelve

these faces...too funny.

(anna, alexa, and pixie)

image courtesy of fashionindie

phi phi pho phum

I know New York Fashion Week is like "so last week" and that London Fashion Week is well underway. However, seeing as I do work for a denim company, I wanted to relay my favorite tough-girl inspired line : Andreas Melbostad's S/S 2010 Collection, also known as Phi.

From cutouts and spikes to dropcrotch and buckles, the Phi collection is certainly an inspiration for upcoming Hudson designs.


Coveting all of these styles...

Monday, September 21, 2009

Crazy Cool

Deets: Angela Lindvall. Vogue Nippon. Photography by Naj Le Gitan. Sept. 2009.


Love her look...kind of identical to you, Kimmy.

Last Night

I generally find award shows boring and over-hyped, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fashion haps at last night's Emmys. I plunkered down with a bowl of popcorn to watch Ryan, Guiliana, and Jay Manuel (with Ninni from Real Housewives of Atalanta, huh?) break down the red carpet for my viewing pleasure.

Overall verdict: J. Mendel and Marchesa dresses were abundant, oldschool glamour was the word for hair/makeup, rich nudes and brilliant hues made up the overall color palette.



Friday, September 18, 2009

I die.

This vid of LA comedian, Amy Phillips, pretty much kills me -- she's got the Zoe down to a tee.

"This watermelon is bananas."

Not so much, BJ.

Now, I'm all for creative expression, but I just cannot figure out what the hell Betsy Johnson was thinking here with her Spring/Summer collection. WTF?? I get this is totally her bag and all, but I just think it looks tacky and out of place for NYC Fashion Week. From the clashing colors and bizarre fabrics to the kitchy styling job, I can't help myself from wincing.

But hey, that's just me...

09_09_18_betsy johnson

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I don't hate it! In fact, I really, really enjoy it.

No surprise here, Marc Jacobs knocks it out of the park with his Marc by Marc S/S 2010 collection. Badda bing badda bang, and here we go with an explosion of the boldest brights ever!!


Model Domination

Complete and utter domination by Lily Donaldson at NY Fashion week -- she is so stunning and clearly versatile enough to pull off a bunch of different designer's looks.

Uh oh.

YIKES. This does not look good for Miss Wasson at all....

Man, I'd be lying if I said hadn't slightly fallen in my eyes after reading this ...BOOOOO, this makes me so mad.