Monday, August 3, 2009

Local Jaunt: Cobras & Matadors

Always one to share the (restaurant) love with fellow LA foodies, here is the run-down of my tapas experience this past weekend at Cobras and Matadors in LA (Beverly Blvd. location). Overall, I say two thumbs up.

The Vibe: packed house - full of your local hipsters and Spanish food enthusiasts. Expect the regular gawking stares of diners when you enter (that's just standard for all LA restaurands, right?) Tables so close to one another you can practically pick off your fellow diner's plate if you see somthing you fancy. however, I kind of love this >> chatting with your neighbors is expected and encouraged.

The Food: Deelish. I would go for the more experipemtanl sounding dishes. We ordered grilled caesar (the salad itself is actually grilled, almost baked), asparagus & manchego cheese, sweet papa fritas w/ aioli (a must), spanish skirt steak (tasty, but wished I went for the loin)

The Booze: "BYOB". We went next door and bought a bottle of a light Pinot Noir.

You wouldn't look twice just driving by, but the place was totally hoppin'
Cobras and Matadors 046
I like their baby wine glasses
Cobras and Matadors 008

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